Red and Sweet Demise

The X-Men are heroes. I’m a THIEF.


UPDATE: Topeka Zoo’s Tiger Cubs Outgrow the Baby Scale!

Three Sumatan Tiger cubs born on May 4 at the Topeka Zoo have grown so big that they no longer fit on the baby scale for their weigh-ins!

Learn more at Zooborns.


Sokka Appreciation Week

Sometimes I feel like it’s me. I mess up everthing I think is good in my life. Too clingy too needy, not a hard enough worker…why can’t I ever have a second chance to fix the things I mess up…and for that matter why do I always mess everything up? Why couldn’t I have just given him more space or worked harder at my job…why couldn’t I have made my dad proud of me instead of disappointed. Why can’t I just let go. Why can’t I be normal and just move on…